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"I chose to be your friend, but falling in love with you was out of my control"Today’s blog is about “love” a word that makes my world light up like no other word!! Love is not just something between a guy and a girl, love is when you care for the other person more than yourself!! The love your parents show towards you, the love for your pets, the love for the country, the love for your friends and what not. In a family dinner when there are 4 pieces of a chocolate and there are 5 people to eat, and your mom tells that she doesn’t like chocolates, then understand that this is love!! Buddha rightly said that when you like flower you pluck it but when you love the flower, you water it every day!! So it is on you whether you want to pluck the flower for solace or water it every day. Look I believe in destiny and love at first sight….. But sometimes it is not meant to happen. You may love the other person but it is not important that he/she must love you back. True love is when …


" A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but on her wings!!"Before starting, I want to thank one and all for such a great overwhelming appreciation about my previous post!! Meant a lot to me <3 <3!! And people who are thinking that story was mine…. You people have got great imagination. It is not my story; it was just a work of fiction and my mind!! So trust a word that is way too small but means so much in everyone’s life. Trust is something that takes years to earn and minutes to lose. It is very difficult to win someone’s trust… it is like building a Taj Mahal overnight!! Sounds impossible…!! For some people money does not even matter …. All that matters is the trust for each other. Maybe I don’t agree to the fact that money is not important, but I do agree that trust for each other is essential!! Personally speaking I have made mistakes in my life that made me so lose relationships… but lately I have und…


“We started here together and now we’re leaving the same way. The funny thing is you never appreciate what you had yesterday until it is gone today.” Farewell a word that brings tears in some eyes and a smile on someone’s face because it is the day when we say goodbyes to people who we always want in our life. We say a goodbye with an expectation in our heart that we will meet the same person again someday!! A goodbye is never painful unless you are never again going to say a Hello…!! We promise each other that we will stay in touch and that we will meet once in a while but less do we know that they just remain contacts in our phone that can never be deleted nor be called. A farewell must always be a happy one because the people who are leaving must leave with a happy note to start new things happily with a wide smile on face and lot of excitement!! Though you may not talk to some people but always make sure that you talk to them sweetly at least on the last who knows they are quite go…


ENJOY LIFE TODAY BECAUSE YESTERDAY IS GONE AND TOMORROW IS NEVER PROMISED...!!!In a day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to do something new. Always remember that the best way to enjoy a moment is by living the moment and not saving them for future. Just enjoy the present and not try to worry about the damn future which has not even arrived to your doorstep.  If you want to visit places whose names you cannot even spell or want to do things u should not be doing then this is the perfect age and time for you!! Do not try to postponed things because there is never a tomorrow. Small things done with fun and wholeheartedly can make memories that will last forever!! Crying over the spilled milk is of no use.  Always remember that never take your decisions of your heart with your brain and the vice-versa. This is how you may live your life to the fullest. You should not care about what the freaking World thinks about, it should all matter what you think o…


"EVERYONE HAS SCARES BUT NOT EVERYONE WEARS IT ON THE OUTSIDE" Today I realized that everyone has problems…even the happiest of them. But the difference between people with problems is that some people do not show how they feel outside and some people showcase to the whole world how they feel. The former wears a fake smile to show the world that he is kk but this fake smile is more poisonous than the venom of Cobra. Sometimes it is always better to cry out and feel comfy than to keep the problem inside and destroy yourself. Every time someone cries in front of me I will feel bad for them and always do something funny to make them happy and not cry. This is my hobby actually talking and I am happy that God made me in such a way!! People I want to use this blog to spread a message to every one of you that never make anyone cry and if you see anyone cry no matter if the person is a stranger try to share their pain and make them feel better. But you have to read the situation pro…

Be Yourself No Matter What!!

Not always do things go your way...Sometimes you have to go with the flow and #hope for the best!!I take this blog as a platform, actually a social platform to share what i feel and maybe i  with many of you or maybe with no one at all. You know not always do you get success... like you may not always be the first ... sometimes you have to be second or maybe lesser than that but if u want to always be in the race you always fightback ... you must try , try , try and never try to think or expect what would be the result!! Sometimes somethings are done because our heart wants them to be there. These things may have less or no value at all but you know what ... in the future only these things will help you to be yourself , to never forget yourself!!! This is the period where we make friends or even lose them... maybe girlfriends and boyfriends too!! But always remember that never change yourself for anyone no matter what the situation is , You change only if you want to for good or never e…

The Last Day fever

Everything in this world has an end ....Everything is mortal !!! I cant believe that 7 years of togetherness will end in a few weeks or so... I feel so bad right now that i want to breakdown. It feels so worse that people who matter so much to you will not be with you anymore... I do not know if i will be an engineer or a entrepreneur... I do not even know which school i will go to :(( ....
But today was real fun in the school ... every teacher was telling how much they love us and that they will miss us next year when their favorite batch would not be there for them...
My favorite teacher is leaving the school and is going to some new school because of some personal reasons...I so look up to her ..... She inspires me so much not just me , even my friends get motivated by her!!
My A.C.T brought us payasam to drink because we love it to the core... She is one of the best cooks available in the whole alumni... She wrote a HINDI poem for us which touched my heart .... My friend started …


Today was real fun !!! I realized who my real love is..... She is so pretty that even a rose looks bad in front of her!!!
WHENEVER I THINK OF HER, MY HEART BEATS FAST; WHENEVER I SEE HER MY HEART BEATS FASTER; AND WHENEVER I AM WITH HER MY HEART BEATS THE FASTEST!!! I have exams the next week and i am here typing blogs and searching for cute lines for her!!! U wont believe me but i have got a whole folder completely filled with quotes and images for her!!!! She completes me like no one else. They tell that friendship is the best base for a relationship and i do not know much about it .. but i am gonna try it out!! I will write it in my next blog how my proposal went on with that girl!!! In the English class today , we were grouped for studying some guide and books but we were the least interested to do that. The other group started to laugh hard (i do not know why) but when i saw them i started to laugh like a mad and my group followed suit. It was so fun that even the teacher was laugh…

My day

Today was awesome to the core!!!
I made my first animated video which was about exam stress .... i made this video to help my friends to overcome their stress and they can focus more on their exams!!
please visit my youtube channel!!

And then my best friend had a problem about some guy.... i solved that problem for her ... made her comfy and it made me feel so wanted and made me feel that my words can make such difference in others life !!!

i would like to tell that always help ur dear ones because we are the ones responsible for their happiness !!!! This is my second blog as i already blogged once in

i want people to read this blog and try to enjoy it and visualize for fun!!!

today i pranked my brother and the prank goes like :
i told him that his favorite dish was banned from the whole world and that stupid believed me!! He cried like for an hour and so and then i told him that using my contacts i removed the ban !! hhahah he told me i was a hero which made me feel so …