My day

Today was awesome to the core!!!
I made my first animated video which was about exam stress .... i made this video to help my friends to overcome their stress and they can focus more on their exams!!
please visit my youtube channel!!

And then my best friend had a problem about some guy.... i solved that problem for her ... made her comfy and it made me feel so wanted and made me feel that my words can make such difference in others life !!!

i would like to tell that always help ur dear ones because we are the ones responsible for their happiness !!!! This is my second blog as i already blogged once in

i want people to read this blog and try to enjoy it and visualize for fun!!!

today i pranked my brother and the prank goes like :
i told him that his favorite dish was banned from the whole world and that stupid believed me!! He cried like for an hour and so and then i told him that using my contacts i removed the ban !! hhahah he told me i was a hero which made me feel so special and good!!! Though he still doesnt no the reality of the ban!!!

Such moments count in ones life!!!

enjoy life to the fullest who noes wat may happen tomorrow!!!
live like it is the last day!!!

thank you for bearing all this and spending ur tym


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