“We started here together and now we’re leaving the same way. The funny thing is you never appreciate what you had yesterday until it is gone today.”
Farewell a word that brings tears in some eyes and a smile on someone’s face because it is the day when we say goodbyes to people who we always want in our life. We say a goodbye with an expectation in our heart that we will meet the same person again someday!! A goodbye is never painful unless you are never again going to say a Hello…!! We promise each other that we will stay in touch and that we will meet once in a while but less do we know that they just remain contacts in our phone that can never be deleted nor be called.
A farewell must always be a happy one because the people who are leaving must leave with a happy note to start new things happily with a wide smile on face and lot of excitement!! Though you may not talk to some people but always make sure that you talk to them sweetly at least on the last who knows they are quite good people to be with!!
Yes, I too did go through a farewell… quite a blast it was!! It was one of the days I can never forget in my life because it was the day when my friends cried, laughed and enjoyed and made me feel that my absence would be felt. I made sure that I wave a goodbye to everyone with a wide smile on my face!! It was a total emotional soap opera scene where some were crying some dancing and some living their time to the fullest!! All one could ask for…!!
I have a story to share… a story that I read somewhere on internet though I don’t remember where…but I do know what it was…!!
A guy who was smart, tall and quite the fun type liked a girl short, cute and emotional..!! Everyone knew that the girl too liked the guy but never wanted to accept the fact!! Believe me or not she was a tough nut to crack because she would never show her feelings out… nobody knew if she was jealous, happy or sad!! With all guts they guy confessed his feelings to the girl on the day of “Farewell” in a way any girl would fall for!!
He told “I want you for worse or for better … You belong with me for forever and ever!!” The girl accepted for the first time her feelings…. but she needed time and the guy gave her his whole life….!!!  
The guy is now away from the girl still waiting for an answer… but never lost faith in her and his feelings for her!!
The end for the story… I don’t know why I am typing this story but I feel that the guy should have confessed his feelings for her a bit earlier and they could spend more time together. Don’t wait till the last day who knows that day is a Farewell!!
But still “This love is good ,, this love is bad,, this love will be there forever”
So yeah for your farewell promise each other that you will keep in contact forever and ever no matter what or where you are…. And keep up the promise!!



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