In a day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to do something new. Always remember that the best way to enjoy a moment is by living the moment and not saving them for future. Just enjoy the present and not try to worry about the damn future which has not even arrived to your doorstep. 
If you want to visit places whose names you cannot even spell or want to do things u should not be doing then this is the perfect age and time for you!! Do not try to postponed things because there is never a tomorrow. Small things done with fun and wholeheartedly can make memories that will last forever!! Crying over the spilled milk is of no use. 
Always remember that never take your decisions of your heart with your brain and the vice-versa. This is how you may live your life to the fullest. You should not care about what the freaking World thinks about, it should all matter what you think of yourself. If you apply this advice properly in your life then you wont give a damn about the "people" and you will do everything your way which means that you will live the moment in your style!!
Always remember that time stops for none not even for the rich!! So what is gone is gone, always take the right decision in the right time or else the decision would not matter if u take it after your kids are born!!

Life is something very precious and delicate. Hence handle with care!
All you have got is one life on earth. Make it the best. Live the way you want to, the way which makes you feel happier and most of all the way that defines you!
Every day is a new page. Make it the most beautiful and memorable one. Whats gone is gone. It ‘ll never come back. Regretting over it is just a waste of time. Instead use today to amend it. Make today that day to correct yourself. Make peace with it, Dont ignore it.Forgive people. Its the best way you can live a peaceful life. Not all are perfect. Yea, people make mistakes buts there something called the second chance. It makes people happy. It makes them change for somthing good.
Live for people. Living all for yourself will make you reach no where.Be empathetic,be compassionate! This would help people change themselves. Remember people always want to amend themselves for the one who they love. The one who makes them feel happy. If you could change atleast one person’s life for good, what morewill make you happy? After all the real happiness is something which makes others happy.
Be the one you want to. The kind of person you have dreamt to be. Each minute of your life is yours. Its not meant to prove people, its meant to live it the way you like and prove yourself. Do things you like, discover your passion and undiscover your old interests. Its all about what you like to do and what you want to do. Trend, Fashion Style are all just foe people who don’t have their own identity. Creating your own trend, your own fashion your own style is what who you are ! Make your bucket list. Mark places you want to go. Wear that new dress today. Party hard, have fun, go around, be crazy! People will notice but for how many days? Its your life. But make sure all this should not be done on the cost of someones else happiness.
Take up your responsibility, complete your work, earn enough and live your life. Take out 1 hour for yourself. Do things the way you want to and see how things come your way!!

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