The Last Day fever

Everything in this world has an end ....Everything is mortal !!! I cant believe that 7 years of togetherness will end in a few weeks or so... I feel so bad right now that i want to breakdown. It feels so worse that people who matter so much to you will not be with you anymore... I do not know if i will be an engineer or a entrepreneur... I do not even know which school i will go to :(( ....
But today was real fun in the school ... every teacher was telling how much they love us and that they will miss us next year when their favorite batch would not be there for them...
My favorite teacher is leaving the school and is going to some new school because of some personal reasons...I so look up to her ..... She inspires me so much not just me , even my friends get motivated by her!!
My A.C.T brought us payasam to drink because we love it to the core... She is one of the best cooks available in the whole alumni... She wrote a HINDI poem for us which touched my heart .... My friend started to cry which made her look so cute Awww she was so adorable !!!
Tomorrow is gonna be the last day actually the official last day in the school.The school has arranged for some pooja for our prosperity and good future!! So thoughtful of them !!!
My love life which is quite just a fiction has not got any progress which makes me feel more desperate... Yea people are learning for their exams and I am typing blogs and things which are not even important but this blog makes me feel so better because i can type my heart out which makes me feel all the more light like a bird ..
My bff has  badly hurt her hand ... Please for her ...
We have got our exams next week ... On Wednesday... please pray for us!!!

U wont believe me but i wrote like some 30 cute quotes which are more or less connected to love and this World.. The girl who i wanted to read them .... read them all and told that they were so cute and romantic... Do you think i have a chance???

Comment what i should do??  


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