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"I chose to be your friend, but falling in love with you was out of my control"Today’s blog is about “love” a word that makes my world light up like no other word!! Love is not just something between a guy and a girl, love is when you care for the other person more than yourself!! The love your parents show towards you, the love for your pets, the love for the country, the love for your friends and what not. In a family dinner when there are 4 pieces of a chocolate and there are 5 people to eat, and your mom tells that she doesn’t like chocolates, then understand that this is love!! Buddha rightly said that when you like flower you pluck it but when you love the flower, you water it every day!! So it is on you whether you want to pluck the flower for solace or water it every day. Look I believe in destiny and love at first sight….. But sometimes it is not meant to happen. You may love the other person but it is not important that he/she must love you back. True love is when …


" A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but on her wings!!"Before starting, I want to thank one and all for such a great overwhelming appreciation about my previous post!! Meant a lot to me <3 <3!! And people who are thinking that story was mine…. You people have got great imagination. It is not my story; it was just a work of fiction and my mind!! So trust a word that is way too small but means so much in everyone’s life. Trust is something that takes years to earn and minutes to lose. It is very difficult to win someone’s trust… it is like building a Taj Mahal overnight!! Sounds impossible…!! For some people money does not even matter …. All that matters is the trust for each other. Maybe I don’t agree to the fact that money is not important, but I do agree that trust for each other is essential!! Personally speaking I have made mistakes in my life that made me so lose relationships… but lately I have und…


“We started here together and now we’re leaving the same way. The funny thing is you never appreciate what you had yesterday until it is gone today.” Farewell a word that brings tears in some eyes and a smile on someone’s face because it is the day when we say goodbyes to people who we always want in our life. We say a goodbye with an expectation in our heart that we will meet the same person again someday!! A goodbye is never painful unless you are never again going to say a Hello…!! We promise each other that we will stay in touch and that we will meet once in a while but less do we know that they just remain contacts in our phone that can never be deleted nor be called. A farewell must always be a happy one because the people who are leaving must leave with a happy note to start new things happily with a wide smile on face and lot of excitement!! Though you may not talk to some people but always make sure that you talk to them sweetly at least on the last who knows they are quite go…