"I chose to be your friend, but falling in love with you was out of my control"

Today’s blog is about “love” a word that makes my world light up like no other word!! Love is not just something between a guy and a girl, love is when you care for the other person more than yourself!! The love your parents show towards you, the love for your pets, the love for the country, the love for your friends and what not.
In a family dinner when there are 4 pieces of a chocolate and there are 5 people to eat, and your mom tells that she doesn’t like chocolates, then understand that this is love!! Buddha rightly said that when you like flower you pluck it but when you love the flower, you water it every day!! So it is on you whether you want to pluck the flower for solace or water it every day.
Look I believe in destiny and love at first sight….. But sometimes it is not meant to happen. You may love the other person but it is not important that he/she must love you back. True love is when you know the other person doesn’t love you the way you do, even then caring for them and always being there for them!! I understand that “heartbreak is the national anthem and we are proud to sing it” even then don’t lift your expectations and just go with the flow and you will not get your heart broken.
In the world where now people can fly and machines can talk, we forget that the parents who brought us up, sacrificing their joys, their happiness and what not, we are leaving them?? Leaving them in old-aged homes?? Look the mother who kept you in her womb for 9 months does not deserve this!! The father, who spent all his earnings for you, surely does not deserve this. My heart breaks when I see people not loving back their parents, like it so ridiculous man!!
Love your grandparents!! They need our special love and attention because actually there is no reason behind it!! They just need it!! every day talk to them about your day, talk about theirs, spend time with them!! The blessings and love you will get back is immeasurable…
Keeping these topics aside; I also want to tell that never make a delay to confess your feelings, because not even the time waits for you… Every morning tell your loved ones “I LOVE U” who knows if you will ever tell them that again. Also these three words make the listener feel good, wanted, warm and special!! Who knows this small habit will make you a better person in life…..
Like every time I have a story for you but this time it is not a happy one LLLL :
So it was all the time of online friends; our hero and heroine were also online friends!! They were actually more than friends, they were 2 hearts who cared for each other and pumped for each other. But none of them wanted to acknowledge their feelings. The guy would have but he knew that the girl did not like bffs becoming couples. So the guy never tried to show his feelings rather he had to hide them and keep them away. The girl was scared about those feelings, she dint want to admit her feelings at all. Bad past haunted her and she regrets the decision till date. The guy started loving someone else and the girl lost the guy forever!! Though both of them are still friends…. The girl still cries and draws to show her feelings out!!
All I want to say is that don’t break your heart by expectations and do not fear the situations because the “heart wants what it wants”
This story is again a piece of fiction and my mind !!



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