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Does Jealousy Kill Everything?

Jealousy is a feeling that takes over a person like no other feeling. The problem with this feeling is that it has two effects on you either you become a superstar overnight or you end up depressed/killing someone. It’s all in the way you take it. If you take it as a challenge you reach heights and if you take it has a threat you just sulk forever. Jealousy creeps in anytime without a notice or something. I have been in instances where I have either made people jealous or have been jealous, (though more of former XD). I have always taken jealousy as a challenge rather than threat. For example, I have fresh and vivid memory how I had done very bad in my mock board exams and how my best friend’s had done exceptionally well in all of their exams. It lightened a fire in me that I have to be the best no matter what and this jealousy feeling brought the better of me than I could have ever. I topped and beat my own record of marks I had ever scored. But an important thing you have to know and…