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ENJOY LIFE TODAY BECAUSE YESTERDAY IS GONE AND TOMORROW IS NEVER PROMISED...!!!In a day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to do something new. Always remember that the best way to enjoy a moment is by living the moment and not saving them for future. Just enjoy the present and not try to worry about the damn future which has not even arrived to your doorstep.  If you want to visit places whose names you cannot even spell or want to do things u should not be doing then this is the perfect age and time for you!! Do not try to postponed things because there is never a tomorrow. Small things done with fun and wholeheartedly can make memories that will last forever!! Crying over the spilled milk is of no use.  Always remember that never take your decisions of your heart with your brain and the vice-versa. This is how you may live your life to the fullest. You should not care about what the freaking World thinks about, it should all matter what you think o…