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Is Money Everything ?

Is money everything? (Hell, yeah) Hey folks!! Do you guys know that now Apple is going to manufacture its products in Bangalore? The nationalist phone at last xD India may not be playing the champions trophy 2017 – Who is going to watch it now?! Personally, money has been everything. Earning and spending money has been the primary goals of my life. I know a lot and I mean A LOT of you are going to not even agree with me on this. But have you ever thought why a poor man with five kids respecting all his elders, loves his wife and children is still not able to earn a living? You will defend yourselves by telling that it is destiny that is playing a role here but I would tell: your destiny is in your hands if you play hard then you get the results and if you play lazy then you know you get only a pizza without the cheese!!
In this world no body is rich or poor because I believe it is your acts that differentiate you from the rest. If Bill Gates had not worked hard he wouldn’t be where he is n…