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Doing what u love?

Hey guys !!
Today i thought why not talk about serious stuffs like shld we let donald and mickey rule a country ? are we ready for more Fast and Furious forever series ? what is more important sex or food? kidding guys!! just trying to break the ice.
So folks do u seriously love what you are doing currently in your life because if u don't then it is a red siren beeping real loud. There are only a handful of people who do what they love. It is very difficult in our society to break the stereotype and bang do something new because you know you wont be accepted and that if u fail there is no backup. Agree or not ? 
The fear of failing, the fear of not being accepted and what not , deteriorates the creativity in you. Just imagine if Sachin was forced to be a singer or if AR Rahman had to play cricket for his living, would they be who they are in their respective fields ? NO RIGHT?
Then why is that we have to yield down to fear and pressure ? why cant we too …