" A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but on her wings!!"

Before starting, I want to thank one and all for such a great overwhelming appreciation about my previous post!! Meant a lot to me <3 <3!! And people who are thinking that story was mine…. You people have got great imagination. It is not my story; it was just a work of fiction and my mind!!
So trust a word that is way too small but means so much in everyone’s life. Trust is something that takes years to earn and minutes to lose. It is very difficult to win someone’s trust… it is like building a Taj Mahal overnight!! Sounds impossible…!!
For some people money does not even matter …. All that matters is the trust for each other. Maybe I don’t agree to the fact that money is not important, but I do agree that trust for each other is essential!!
Personally speaking I have made mistakes in my life that made me so lose relationships… but lately I have understood that to maintain any relationship you must always win trust and maintain that trust!! And for people who think that they cannot win trust and things… winning trust is all about communication… you must try to accept the person as he/she is!! If you can maintain the trust … you must try to win it or else it is not right to win someone’s trust and break their heart because that hurts…. Hurts like hell!!
You may not trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust!! Hence, best friends are the best couples because they trust each other blindly and understand each other like no one else!!
Never make anyone regret that they trusted you….!!! Always make them proud about the fact that they trusted you!! Most importantly never break the trust of your kith and kin because it may be impossible to again get back the same trust!! Trust is like a paper that once crushed can never be the same!!
Doesn’t mean that you stop trusting people and stay alone and not have fun in your life… it is all about the right person!! Always listen to your deepest feelings because they will never lie to you!! If your trust is in the right person then not even God can make something go wrong!! Just trust in each other not like Russia and America who can fight any time …. Lol!!
There is something I want to share with all of you that trust each other without any doubts, and then see the World be such a better place to live in!! Everything will be in peace and you can enjoy to the fullest!!  
A story I want to express to my readers:
A girl entered into her new college, completely nervous about the new surroundings. A guy came to her and helped her with things. At that moment both of them were total strangers but that guy made sure that the girl was comfortable. Yes, communication by the guy made the girl trust in him. Slowly both of them became friends…best friends and then a cute couple who shared the world’s cutest bond!!
Every time I hear this story I trust the word trust more!! And people this is no way my story.
A work of pure fiction and my mind!!



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