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"EVERYONE HAS SCARES BUT NOT EVERYONE WEARS IT ON THE OUTSIDE" Today I realized that everyone has problems…even the happiest of them. But the difference between people with problems is that some people do not show how they feel outside and some people showcase to the whole world how they feel. The former wears a fake smile to show the world that he is kk but this fake smile is more poisonous than the venom of Cobra. Sometimes it is always better to cry out and feel comfy than to keep the problem inside and destroy yourself. Every time someone cries in front of me I will feel bad for them and always do something funny to make them happy and not cry. This is my hobby actually talking and I am happy that God made me in such a way!! People I want to use this blog to spread a message to every one of you that never make anyone cry and if you see anyone cry no matter if the person is a stranger try to share their pain and make them feel better. But you have to read the situation pro…

Be Yourself No Matter What!!

Not always do things go your way...Sometimes you have to go with the flow and #hope for the best!!I take this blog as a platform, actually a social platform to share what i feel and maybe i  with many of you or maybe with no one at all. You know not always do you get success... like you may not always be the first ... sometimes you have to be second or maybe lesser than that but if u want to always be in the race you always fightback ... you must try , try , try and never try to think or expect what would be the result!! Sometimes somethings are done because our heart wants them to be there. These things may have less or no value at all but you know what ... in the future only these things will help you to be yourself , to never forget yourself!!! This is the period where we make friends or even lose them... maybe girlfriends and boyfriends too!! But always remember that never change yourself for anyone no matter what the situation is , You change only if you want to for good or never e…