Is Money Everything ?

Is money everything? (Hell, yeah)

Hey folks!!
Do you guys know that now Apple is going to manufacture its products in Bangalore? The nationalist phone at last xD
India may not be playing the champions trophy 2017 – Who is going to watch it now?!
Personally, money has been everything. Earning and spending money has been the primary goals of my life. I know a lot and I mean A LOT of you are going to not even agree with me on this.
But have you ever thought why a poor man with five kids respecting all his elders, loves his wife and children is still not able to earn a living? You will defend yourselves by telling that it is destiny that is playing a role here but I would tell: your destiny is in your hands if you play hard then you get the results and if you play lazy then you know you get only a pizza without the cheese!!

In this world no body is rich or poor because I believe it is your acts that differentiate you from the rest. If Bill Gates had not worked hard he wouldn’t be where he is now, he would be somewhere begging for his living. I personally have this belief, that a person who spends a lot of money will always have the fire in him/her to earn more and spend more. I may even sound arrogant to you guys, but have you ever realised that, without money you are just a human wearing a mask, roaming around?
For many of you it is easy to tell that money is not everything because your parents earn a fucking lot and you never have or had to bother about it. Once ask a person who has no money and his family is suffering, he would tell that he needs money more than, perhaps, even God at that situation.

It is always better to cry in a BMW than alone on the street where people laugh at you!
Some will tell me that people with a lot of money are arrogant and care only about themselves but I think that it is completely wrong because firstly, it is not your money so shut up! Secondly, these are the people who help the poor and not you! (not being mean)
For me until now, it has always been money and I think that it will always be the same even in the future. I have my reasons: for instance I never want to be poor because poverty is a state where you don’t have money to educate your children, you can’t afford health care for yourself and your family, you can’t even feed your family a square meal. Is this who you want to be in life? I have no grudge over poor people but it is a viscous life cycle in which you never ever want to live! 
My other reasons are because I love winning and earning money is the best possible way I have to win over the world (you know how UN works…). I love branded products and they are expensive as hell (not boasting).
Money helps you dream and fulfil those dreams, because only ideas and love will not allow you to make payments for your credit card. It is a lifeline for me, at least in the current scenario.
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Thank for bearing me!  


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