Does Jealousy Kill Everything?

Jealousy is a feeling that takes over a person like no other feeling. The problem with this feeling is that it has two effects on you either you become a superstar overnight or you end up depressed/killing someone. It’s all in the way you take it. If you take it as a challenge you reach heights and if you take it has a threat you just sulk forever.
Jealousy creeps in anytime without a notice or something. I have been in instances where I have either made people jealous or have been jealous, (though more of former XD). I have always taken jealousy as a challenge rather than threat. For example, I have fresh and vivid memory how I had done very bad in my mock board exams and how my best friend’s had done exceptionally well in all of their exams. It lightened a fire in me that I have to be the best no matter what and this jealousy feeling brought the better of me than I could have ever. I topped and beat my own record of marks I had ever scored. But an important thing you have to know and grasp is that I was not sad or angry with my best friend’s success because it was none of their fault and you must always share happy moments.  
My point here is loud and clear that don’t let jealousy take over you in a negative manner let alone affect you. To all the husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends not so close and whoever reading this remember that jealousy is a feeling which is natural and must be kept in check and is a sign that you love the other person too (for all the lovers). 
Always remember that you are different from everyone else like literally even from your own parents. No one is better or worse, it is all in your thoughts. If you feel jealous of someone always remember that you are the best and if not you are going to be the best in future. Don’t let the jealous crap make you do stupid things that you regret for life. Don’t let it spoil the moments of present you are living for the future which you uncertain about.
A couple loved each other and were like inseparable. Both of them had fallen for each other head over heels. It was not just plain romance it was something special, it felt like the fairy-tale stories. Every romantic story has a but which kills the story either there is a villain and one of them dies or the family doesn’t approve of them. But in this story there is no villain; no death and surely the family had no problems. The problem was insecurities and jealousy. Slowly the match made in heaven felt wrong. There were fights some even led to god knows what. They were not going to give up so easily. Every day they began asking each other what they could do for each other and made it a point to get them done. This became a routine and everything was better than ever. There was no place for anyone else to intrude because they were in true love and that routine helped them to get their expectations fulfilled.
Yeah I love romantic but Happy ending stories!!
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